Consult an Expert about Stones
Special expert consultancy service for your projects

As a brand that does its job in the most professional way; we process our stones with machines that have proven themselves in the field, and we sign our products with epoxies and polishes used. In natural stones, you do not experience the problems arising from production with us, such as incorrect measurement before assembly, hogging and cracking, and then leaching…
Where Is The Natural Stone, Lion Stone Art Will Be There
We are following up on everything about the stones.

We observe the world stone trends closely. We shape the figures, motifs, and materials of the stones according to fashion and then we offer them to your appreciation.
We Find Unique Stones For You
We are bringing unique stones to you.

We find and process the stones found only in rare places internationally for you and prepare three-dimensional (3D) projects to picture how the product will fit in the space you will use it.
Right Stone For Right Space
We determine the most accurate usage area of the stone together with you.

As the experts who understand the language of stones the best, we know the structural and chemical properties of stones the best, and in this direction we provide you with the most accurate areas of use of stone with our experience.
Expert Staff From Beginning To End
We will be with you from the idea stage to the assembly.

We offer you all the services expected from a stone company with a professional staff. We found ideas, make designs, produce stones, shape them according to your taste and then the assembly process is carried out. We have been applying and developing the mathematics of this business for many years.
There is No Room For Trouble At Lion Stone Art
We do not allow a problem to happen with well-planned projects.

In our detailed and 3D projects, we analyze the dimensions and structure of the space in the best way and prevent all the problems that may occur during the assembly phase by selecting the most appropriate stone and the most accurate measurements.
While the best quality materials we choose protect our stones, we protect our reputation by not allowing the problems such as cracking, leaching, and hogging in the stones that we choose for you.
19 Years of Experience and Discipline
We combine years of experience with trends.

We reflect the 19-year process of existence in the sector in our projects. As the years shape us, we shape the stones. We always follow the ever-developing stone world closely with our experience and continue our path with the right discipline and motivation for you.
If You Are Happy, We Are On The Right Track
Customer satisfaction is always our basic principle.

At Lion Stone Art, your concerns are always behind the door. Your requests are provided after best analysis. If our customers leave us smiling, it means that are forming our greatest capital.
We Are All Over The Country!
We are reaching all over our country.

We have the capability to supply, assemble and implement all over the country and all other countries.