Lion Stone Art
Besides being the symbol of wealth and prosperity, marble, a unique work of art the formation of which took millions of years, has been used by human beings for centuries as an indispensable building material due to its elegance, beauty, and durability.

We bring marble, which is the unique artifacts that nature has given us, from nature for you, the end-users, and we process and design them and add value to your spaces.
In addition to exporting the marble that we have extracted from our own marble fields as semi-processed and processed products, we process the marble that we have received as semi-finished products from domestic and foreign markets using the best materials in state of the art technology machines and offer them to your projects.

In addition to using our experience that we have gained since 2001 in the field of projects and applications in the marble sector, we become your solution partner in your projects. We design together with you, constantly follow the sector and new stones, find unique limited stones, and offer them to the appreciation of our valued customers.

Together with our solution partners, experienced design team, and assembly teams, with whom we have established professional relationships in many fields, we perform all the processes from production to assembly. We offer three-dimensional (3D) wall coverings, marble hybrid furniture, abstract sculptures, waterjet applications, and also design and manufacture tailor-made products. It is our job to create aesthetic spaces and objects with natural stone.

Mission: We reflect our inspiration taken from the beauty of nature to our art and adapt it to spaces with the wide opportunities provided by science and technology. It is our main principle to decorate all areas where our customers live with the widest range of color and texture options. One of our goals is to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our customers, employees, and stakeholders by using all our resources, especially human resources, in the most efficient way.

Vision: It is our greatest objective to be a supplier, which is original and style-creating, raising always standards, of the world's most exclusive products for all lifestyles at the international level. Our driving force is our investigative, passionate, and professional employees and solution partners who share with us the dream of becoming a world-class “model brand”.

Hüseyin ARSLAN (Architect)
General Director