Stone Life - My dreams come to mind when I touch the stones in our gallery.

A short biography and a summary of the physical condition of the warehouse The establishment process of LION STONE ART goes back 20 years. Located right across Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, our marble gallery has a total plate stock capacity of 60,000 square meters, built on an open area of ​​6,000 square meters, 3,000 square meters of which is closed. As it is evident from the name of LION STONE ART, our marble gallery is also an art gallery. • As a company with quarry support behind it, which stones do you place in your warehouse? In addition to the stones belonging to our own quarry, we also exhibit upper segment stones that we supply from Turkey and abroad. • Your goal? Our goal is to create value and be among the best companies in the "world". We are always working seriously on how we can renew ourselves and do what we can do newer and better, how we can produce better solutions for humanity, how we can do more beneficial jobs, how much more employment can we provide, how we can realize more high value-added production. • How has the Pandemic Process affected you? During the pandemic process, in a sense, during the crisis period, we did not remove any personnel, on the contrary, we increased our number of personnel. We tried to survive by doubling the marketing network, without reducing production with our own equity, and these efforts carried us to a higher level than we were. • Where do you see yourself among the increasing number of plate storages, especially in Izmir? Our effort is always to compete with world companies. Thanks to our quality policy and our vision in Turkey a "global brand" we aim to create. My primary goal is to prove that natural stone work is not only for Italians, but also that the Turks are successful in this sector and to live with its inner peace. • What do you feel when you touch the stone? My dreams come to mind when I touch the stones in our gallery. About five years ago I made a list of all the stones that will be displayed here, and now I am touching them. Every company has its own dreams. Lion Stone Art was also my dream and it came true. My advice to everyone; imagine first, the technique always resolves. Write whatever comes to mind. One day that summer can change your whole life. • If you want to highlight things you can include them too! Whatever job you do, no matter what sector you are in, it is very important that you love your job and have a vision. It is necessary to dream, to believe that you will make it happen, and to struggle on this path. It is also very important to be more modest, more respectful, better quality and less determined as they grow up. As a company, we are determined, not arrogant and ambitious. We are after perseverance. Without faith and courage, there is no success. Let's imagine, let's struggle without losing our faith.